• From the Mathematica workshop on Thursday:
    • Strict deadline: December 2. Midnight. (The email has to have a December 2 time stamp).
    • Submit by email to Don't submit by canvas! You will get an individual acknowledgment back by email.
    • Be creative: just ask your self: has anybody seen this already implemented in this language? If the answer is yes, then it is not creative enough.
    • Network around. But each student writes his or her own project and submits an individual project.
    • Give credit for outside sources. It is ok to be inspired by others but acknowledge.
    • During work, save frequently. Save versions. If the interface crashes, and it does if it runs out of memory, your work is gone. Possibly all of it. Remember Murphy's law: everything which can go wrong, will go wrong.
    • Here is the lab authored during the demo. Here is a picture of a Sea Urchin eaten earlier that day in the Oyster House and which inspired the demo.