Math 21a - Syllabus and FAQ

Here's the syllabus.

And answers to some frequently asked questions:

  1. I need to miss class on one particular day because of an athletic trip / academic trip / etc. What should I do?

    First, let your TF know. Second, if possible, try to attend a different section that day; email Drew Zemke (dzemke@math) to find an alternate section to attend. If that's not possible, be sure to get notes from someone you know in the class. Third, you are still responsible for getting your homework to your regular CA at the start of your regular section time (even if you're attending a different section that day). One way to do this is to have a friend bring it to class for you; if that's not possible, get in touch with your CA a few days in advance so that you can work out a way to submit your homework.

  2. I have a lot of work this week; can I have an extension on an homework assignment?

    No, we never give extensions on homework assignments. This is the reason we give you a free "homework drop", where we drop your lowest problem set score of the semester. Remember that you can earn more homework drops by taking quizzes in problem sessions.

  3. I'm not feeling well; is there any homework accommodation?

    It depends. If you have a cold and need a few hours of extra sleep, you should use a problem set drop. But if your illness is severe enough that UHS advises you to miss class, please get a note from UHS and send it to Janet (jjchen@math), and we will work with you on accommodations.

  4. I have a serious illness / concussion / family emergency / something else really out of the ordinary. What should I do?
  5. Please get in touch with your freshman dean or resident dean right away; your dean will help you get support in all of your courses.