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    Manchu Language Page authored by Chris Maden at the University of Hong Kong
    Manchu Language at Indiana


    Free Manchu Font and Input Methods (Open-source project in progress)
    Oliver Corff's MonTex Package (Mongolian and Manchu typesetting for LaTeX)
    Manchu Script Creator

    Books and Art

    Sibe Language Books at Xinjiang Online Bazaar
    Sibe and Chinese Calligraphy at Xinjiang Online Bazaar

    Societies and Discussion Boards

    Society of Inner Asian Studies/Manzokushi kenkyukai
    Shenyang Manchu Association Page
    Shenyang Palace Museum
    Surehan's Manchu-Language Blog
    Taiwan Manchu Society
    Sibe Culture Website
    Manchu Culture Discussion Forum
    Qianlong Discussion Forum