Sample Questions for advising session


Questions about academics:

1. "What courses are you planning to take this semester?" (A natural question for the pre-study-card meeting at the beginning of the semester.)

2. "Have your academic goals and plan of study changed since we last met?"  

3. "What research projects have you been involved with?" (In the summer, or in phys90r. Just a very brief "what, where, with whom.")       

4. "Do you have any plans for future research?" (In the summer, or in phys90r.)       

5. "What are your summer plans in general?" (If not included in #4 above.)       

6. "What are your future plans, for after college?" (Grad school, teaching, industry, etc. Do these plans correlate reasonably well with the answers to questions #1 to #5 above?)       

7. "Are there any issues you have concerning grad school applications, GRE's, etc?"       

Questions about general student life:

8. "How much interaction do you have with other students? Do you work in groups on problem sets?" (This is something to be strongly encouraged.)       

9. "Do you take advantage of various things offered by the department?" For example:
a) Wednesday study-night at Leverett House
b) Monday-evening SPS Cool Physics talks
c) Women in Physics study night
d) Monday Colloquia and tea
e) Wednesday evening Physics 95 talks       

10. "Are there things that you particularly like or dislike in certain classes? In the department in general?"       

11. "What extracurricular activities are you involved in?"       

12. "Are you a 'buddy' to a freshman? How is this going?"       

13. "Are there any issues you have concerning being a woman or minority in the department?" (If a woman or minority, of course.)       

14. "Do you have a nickname you like to use?"       

15. Other comments: