Practice of Tonal Contrast

Chinese Language Program
Dept. of East Asian Languages and Civilizations
Harvard University

1. F4ide h2o. (The flying one is better.)
F5ide h2o. (The fat one is better.)

2. B{y3o ji`o t`. (Don't teach him/her.)
B{y3o ji3o t`. (Don't call him/her.)

3. L1nde gu*. (The blue one is more expensive.)
L3nde gu*. (The rotten one is more expensive.)

4. N& bi5 l1i. (Don't come.)
N& bi5 l3i. (Don't try to finable yourself out of it.)

5. W0 xi2ng t`. (I miss him/her.)
W0 xi3ng t`. (I'm like him/her.)

6. W0 m2i de. (I bought it.)
W0 m3i de. (I sold it.)

7. Sh4ngle w}ge. (She gave birth to five.)
Sh7ngle w}ge. (Five are left over.)

8. Y0uy0ng z]ih2o. (Swimming is best.)
Y0uy-ng z]ih2o. (Being useful is best.)

10. M`ma ji3o n&. (Mom is calling you.)
M`ma ji`o n&. (Mom teaches you.)

11. Q^zi t3i g`o. (the flag is too high.)
Q%z& t3i g`o. (My wife is too tall.)

12. W7n du8le t9ut5ng. (If you ask too much you'll get a headache.)
W5n du8le t9ut5ng. (If you smell it too much you'll get a headache.)