Pin Yin Practice Sheet One

Tonal Distinctions

Click the relevant syllable in the table below to get the right pronunciation.

Four Tones

The First and the Second Tones

B` Eight
B1 To pull up
H4 To drink
H5 River
Sh% Poem
Sh^ Ten
Gu8 Pot
Gu9 Country

The First and the Third Tones

T` He, She, It
T2 Pagoda
W8 Nest
W0 I, Me
Tu% To push
Tu& Leg
Gu`n To shut, close
Gu2n To manage

The First and the Fourth Tones

B`n To carry
B3n Half
K`n To watch
K3n To look at
Hu% Grey
Hu* Meeting
Yu4 About
Yu7 Month

The Second and the Third Tones

N^ Mud
N& You
B1i White
B2i Hundred
Mi1o To trace out
Mi2o Second
Y1ng Sheep
Y2ng Oxygen

The Second and the Fourth Tones

L5i Thunder
L7i Tired
W5n To smell
W7n To ask
Ni1n Year
Ni3n To read
Li1ng Cool
Li3ng Bright

The Third and the Fourth Tones

D2 To beat
D3 Big , Large
N2 Which
N3 That
M2i To buy
M3i To sell
K}n To tie, to bind
K]n Sleepy

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