John Gower's In Praise of Peace

In Praise of Peace
Design of the Book; Dedication
Temporal Rulers
The Church
The Commons
Nebuchadnezzar's Dream; The Empires of the World; The latest Time
Division the Cause of Evil
Love rules the world; example of the author
Author's woful Case; His Complaint to Cupid and Venus; The Fiery Dart; Venus Queen of Love; Genius- the priest of Love
The Lover's Shrift
The Five Senses; Seeing
Tale of Acteon
The Tale of Medusa
Hearing; Prudence of the Serpent
Tale of the Sirens
The Sins of the Eye and Ear
The Seven deadly Sins; Pride; Five Ministers of Pride; i. Hyocrisy; Hypocrisy of Lovers
Tale of Mundus and Paulina
The Trojan horse
Hypocrisy in Love
Murmur and complaint
Tale of Florent
Surquidry or Presumption
Tale of Capaneus
The Trump of Death
Tale of Narcissus
Presumption of Lovers
Avantance or Boasting
Tale of Albinus and Rosemund
The Lover's Confession
Nebuchadnezzar's Punishment
Tale of the Three Questions
Envy; Sorrow for another man's Joy
Tale of Acis and Galatea
Joy for another man's Grief
The Travellers and the Angel
Detraction; Detraction of Lovers
Tale of Constance
Demetrius and Perseus
Deianira and Nessus
Geta and Amphitrion
Tale of the False Bachelor
Pope Boniface
Nature of Envy; Charity and Pity
Tale of Constantine and Silvester
Ire or Wrath; Melancholy
Tale of Canace and Machaire
Tiresias and the Snakes
Patience of Socrates
Jupiter- Juno- and Tiresias
Phebus and Cornide
Jupiter and Laar
King Namplus and the Greeks
Contek and Homicide; Contek within the Heart
Tale of Diogenes and Alexander;
Pyramus and Thisbe
The Lover's Confession; Danger; More haste worse than speed
Tale of Phebus and Daphne
Athemas and Demephon
Tale of Orestes
Lawful Homicide
Evil of War
Alexander and the Pirate
Wars and Death of Alexander
Are Crusades Lawful - Guilt of Homicide;
A Strange Bird; Mercy
Tale of Telephus and Teucer
Sloth; Lachesse
Eneas and Dido
Ulysses and Penelope
Grosteste; The Foolish Virgins
Pygmaleon and the Statue
Tale of Iphis
Demephon and Phillis
Tale of Phaeton
Tale of Icarus
Tale of Rosiphelee
Idleness in Love
Tale of Jephtha's Daughter
Lovers must approve themselves in arms; Arguments to the Contrary; The Confessor replies
Tale of Nauplus and Ulysses
Examples of Prowess; Protesilaus;
Education of Achilles
Tale of Hercules and Achelons
Philemenis; Eneas
Effects of Love; Love contrary to Sloth
Uses oflabour; discoverers and inventors
Alchemy; The Three Stones of the Philosophers; The First Alchemists
Letters and Language
The Lover's Wakefulness
Tale of Ceix and Alceone
Sleeping and Waking
The Prayer of Cephalus
Argus and Mercury
Tristesse or Despondency
Tale of Iphis and Araxarathen
Tale of Midas
The Punishment of Tantalus
Avarice; Jealousy of Lovers
Tale of Vulcan and Venus
Belief of the Chaldeans; Belief of the Egyptians
Belief of the Greeks
Origin of Idol Worship
Belief of the Jews
The Christian Faith
Tale of Virgil's Mirror
Tale of the Two Coffers
Tale of the Beggars and the Pasties
Coveitise of Lovers
Tale of the King and his Steward's Wife
False Witness and Perjury
Tale of Achilles and Deidamia
Tale of Jason and Medea
Tale of Phrixus and Helle
Love Brokerage; Tale of Echo;
Tale of Babio and Croceus
Tale of Adrian and Bardus
Tale of Theseus and Ariadne
Tale of Tereus
Neptune and Cornix
Tale of Calistona
Stealth and Michery
Stealth of Lovers
Tale of Leucothoe
Tale of Hercules and Faunus
Sacrilege of Lovers
Tale of Paris and Helen
Sacrilege of Lovers; Divisions of Avarice
Prodigality and Largesse
Prodigality of Lovers
Gluttony; Drunkenness;
Jupiter's Two Tuns
Prayer; Bacchus in the Desert
Love Drunkenness; Tristram
Marriage of Pirithous
Galbus and Vitellius
Love-Delicacy; Delicacy
Dives and Lazarus
Delicacy of Nero
Sorcery and Witchcraft
Tale of Ulysses and Telegonus
Tale of Nectanabus
Zoroaster; Saul and the Witch; Magic to be Eschewed
The Education of Alexander; Three Parts of Philosophy
Theoric; Theology
Creation of the Four Elements
The Four Complexions of Man
The Soul of Man
The Division of the Earth
Planets and Signs
The Planets
The Signs
The Fifteen Stars
Authors of the Science of Astronomy
Practic; Five Points of Policy
The First Poiont of Policy; Truth
King- Wine- Woman- and Truth
Tale of Alcestis
King- Wine- Woman- and Truth
The Second Point of Policy; Liberality
Tale of Julius and the Poor Knight
Antigonus and Cinichus; Discretion in Giving
Prodigality of Kings; Flatterers
Tale of Diogenes and Aristippus
The Roman Triumph
The Emperor and his Masons
Caesar's Answer
Flatterers of a King
Ahab and Micaiah
Justice of Maximin
Gaius Fabricius
The Emperor Conrad
The Consul Carmidotirus
Example of Cambyses
Lycurgus and his Laws
The First Lawgivers; Kings must keep the Laws
The Fourth Point pf Policy; Pity
The Tale of Codrus
Pompeius and the King of Armenia
Cruelty of Leontius
Cruelty of Siculus
Dionysius and his Horses
Nobleness of the Lion
Spertachus and Thamaris
Mercy must be without Weakness
The Mountain and the Mouse
There is a time for War
Story of Gideon
Saul and Agag
David and Joab
Solomon's Wisdom
The Courtiers and the Fool
Folly of Rehoboam
Wisdom in a King's Council; Mercy and Justice
The Fifth Point of Policy; Chastity
Evil Example of Sardanapalus
Cyrus and the Lydians
The Counsel of Balaam
Evil Example of Solomon
Division of His Kingdom
Tarquin and his son Aruns
The Rape of Lucrece
Tale of Virginia
Tobias and Sara
Lechery; The Origins of Mankind
Laws of Marriage
Examples of Incest; Caligula; Ammon
Lot and his Daughters; Incest
Apollonius of Tyre
The Lover requires Counsel; The Confessor replies; The Controversy
The Supplication
Venus replies to the Supplication
Venus replies to the Supplication
The Companies of Lovers
Cupid and the Lover; The Fiery Dart withdrawn
The Healing of Love; The Absolution
Leave-taking of Venus
Author Prays for the State of England; Evil of Division in the Land; the Duty of a King
The Book Completed
Farewell to Earthly Love; Heavenly Love
Design of the Book; Dedication (variant text)
Virginity; example of Valentinianus introduced (variant text)
Tale of Lucius and the Statue (variant text)
Example of Dante (variant text)
Pity; example of Alexander (variant text)
Tale of the Jew and the Pagan (variant text)
Leave-taking of Venus (variant text)
Author prays for the King; The King commended (variant text)
The Author presents his Book to the King (variant text)
Farewell to Earthly Love; Heavenly Love (variant text)
In Praise of Peace (variant text)