Group B: Brewing

A group of students undertook a brewing experiment using ancient Babylonian beer recipes in an attempt to re-create the fermentation techniques used in ancient Mesopotamia.

Brewers beginning the experiment with necessary equipment and materials such as barley, which make up the base of the ancient and modern brews respectively

Brewer inscribing plan of action on white board

Mashed dates as date syrup for flavoring and added sweetness to ancient beer

Barley is soaked for 60 minutes at 165 degrees Fahrenheit to create the "mash solution"

Ice was used to control for temperature

Mixed yeast and sourdough yeast for modern and ancient brews specifically were pitched into boiled mash solution

Brewing TF Ari S. discusses with team at Aeronaut Brewery

Kevin in Aeronaut Brewery explaining the function hydrometer

Brewers inquiring about best methods to brew the two types of beer in comparative context

Sample of beers and how each can can vary significantly based on brew, seasonality, methods, and equipment

Sourdough yeast required for ancient brew

Details of dry barley used for modern brew

Brewers preparing to clear work station to conduct experiment

On-site research on ratios of yeast to barley for each brew

Preparing water base to soak barley for "mash" solution

Looking at reference material for brewing methods and techniques

Detail of each type of barley used in process