Evening Event: Cooking

At the Harvard Cooking Lab and under the guidance of author and food historian Prof. Nawal Nasrallah, students cooked and ate dishes that were prepared according to ancient Mesopotamian recipes. The main dish was a beet and lamb stew served with steamed bulgur and tannour bread. Mersu or date candy was served for dessert.

Students are awake and alert at the sight of dessert at the Evening Cooking Event

Professor Barjamovic and Professor Nawal Nasrallah discuss at the cooking event. Professor Barjamovic is getting hungry.

A student tries his hand at stirring the pot

Nerves begin to set in as it is taste-testing time!

An inside look at the beer-brewing process. Students were most excited about this portion of the event

After the hard work, students were hoping for a better tasting beer!

Professor Nawal Nasrallah front and center

This ended up being enough for the whole class!

Professor Nawal Nasrallah was a highlight of the event

Time to eat!!!

Professor Barjamovic smells up the courage to take a sip!

Many students found the dessert to be the highlight of the Mesopotamian food

Professor Barjamovic finally gets to enjoy a well-earned meal

Ari was rumored to be the top cook out of all the TF's

Mustafa eyes desert with a critical eye

ANE !!!

Food was both appetizing and aesthetically pleasing.

Students enjoy the Evening Cooking Event

The pita bread dip was reminiscent of Mediterranean food

Odoul's was added to the beet stew—don't worry, it was non-alcoholic!