Solar Eclipse August 21, 2017

Live Stream from Jackson Hole, Wyoming

We live streamed the sound produced by our audino during the solar eclipse in Jackson Hole, Wyoming on August 21, 2017. The light sensor detects the light and the arduino code converts the light to sound. A higher sound corresponds to a brighter light. There is some feedback due to the way the sound was recorded (screencapture) and we did collect some surrounding sounds as well.

Partial Eclipse begins 10:16:44 AM

Totality begins 11:34:56 AM

Totality duration 2:15 seconds

click below for audio/video samples (all times MST)

Sample Audio stream - Stream 11:31 AM - 11:41 AM

Sample YouTube stream - Stream begins 11:31 AM - 12:08 PM

Full YouTube stream - Stream begins 10:52 AM - 12:08 PM

email Allyson Bieryla ( with questions


This arduino was designed to have high dynamic range to to able to detect the change in brightness during the Total Solar Eclipse this August 21, 2017. The light is then converted to sound. The sound will be a higher pitch when there is more light and a lower pitch when the sun is being eclipsed by the moon. There are instructions on how to build your own below. There will be a live stream from Jackson Hole, Wyoming above starting the morning of August 21, 2017.


Build your own arduino

Download instructions - COMING SOON

Download code - COMING SOON

Parts and Schematic

Design and coding by Daniel Davis and Rob Hart.