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The International Seminar on the History of the Atlantic World is a program established at Harvard University in 1995 by Professor Bernard Bailyn, under the auspices of the Charles Warren Center for Studies in American History and with the support of a grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation. Its purpose is to advance the scholarship of young historians of many nations interested in the common, comparative, and interactive aspects of the lives of the peoples in the lands that form the Atlantic basin, mainly in the early modern period; to contribute to the study of this large transnational historical subject; and to help create an international community of scholars familiar with approaches, archives, and intellectual traditions different from their own.

From 1995- 2010 the Atlantic History Seminar sponsored an annual meeting of young historians, recent recipients of the PhD or its equivalent, or advanced doctoral students engaged in creative research on aspects of Atlantic History.  In all, 366 young historians came through the Seminar program, 202 from universities in the US and 164 from universities abroad.  Summaries of all of their papers are available on this website and the full texts of the papers are available by request to the Seminar’s office.  The programs of each of the meetings are available also on this website.  In the same years biannual workshops and conferences of senior scholars have been convened to consider problems of methodology and special documentation.  A list of these workshops and conferences and their programs is available on this website.  We have maintained a special program of Short Term Research Grants to allow young scholars to reach and explore archives otherwise not available to them. 

While the annual meetings have now concluded, the grants program continues, together with a new series of special Conferences, concentrated on disputed lines of interpretation, the possibilities of future research, and other issues of special interest. 

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