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Recent Works related to Miscegenation in the Atlantic World compiled for the Atlantic History Workshop in 2002


This listing is intended only as a starting point.

Guillaume Boccara and Sylvia Galindo, ed., Logica mestiza en America, Instituto de Estudios Indigenas, Universidad de La Frontera, 1999.

James F. Brooks, Captives and Cousins : Slavery, Kinship, and Community in the Southwest Borderlands, The University of North Carolina Press, 2002.

_________Confounding the Color Line: The Indian-Black Experience in North America, Univeristy of Nebraska Press, 2002.

Patrick J. Carroll, Blacks in Colonial Veracruz: Race, Ethnicity, and Regional Development, UT Press, 2001.

Denys Delage and Jane Brierley, Bitter Feast: Amerindians and Europeans in Northeastern North America, University of British Columbia Press, 1993.

Claudio Esteva-Fabregat, Mestizaje in Ibero-America, The University of Arizona Press, 1995.

Kirsten Fischer, Suspect Relations: Sex, Race, and Resisitance in Colonial North Carolina, Cornell University Press, 2001.

Jack D. Forbes, Africans and Native Americans: The Language of Race and the Evolution of Red-Black Peoples, University of Illinois Press, 1993.

Martha Hodes, Sex, Love, Race: Crossing Boundaries in North American History, NYU Press, 1999.

Robert Jackson, Race, Caste, and Status: Indians in Colonial Spanish America, University of New Mexico Press.

Monika Kaup and Debra Rosenthal, ed., Mixing Race, Mixing Culture: Inter-American Literary Dialogues, UT Press, 2002.

Franklin Knight, Race, Ethnicity, and Class: Forging the Plural Society in Latin America and the Caribbean, Baylor University Press, 1998.

Elise Lemire, "Miscegenation" Making Race in America, University of Pennsylvania Press, 2002.

Kevin Mulroy, Freedom on the Border: The Seminole Maroons in Florida, the Indian Territory, Coahuila, and Texas, Texas Tech University Press.

Jacqueline Peterson and Jennifer S. H. Brown, ed., The New Peoples: Being and Becoming Metis in North America, University of Manitoba Press, 1985 and Minnesota Historical Society Press, 2001.

Laurier Turgeon, Denys Delage and Real Ouellet, ed., Transferts culturels et metissages Amerique/Europe XVIe-XXe siecles, Presses de l'Universite Laval, 1996.


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