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We present here dissertations on topics in Atlantic history, ongoing or recently completed. The site operates by a combination of solicitation and self-submission; we try to be on the lookout for dissertations in the field, but we strongly encourage those of you working in Atlantic History in the early modern period to send an abstract to us. Please send the following information in an email to elebaron@fas.harvard.edu. Abstracts should not exceed 300 words.



                Dissertation Title

                Degree and Year (or year expected)

                Dissertation Advisor/Committee


We are particularly eager to include abstracts from scholars in countries other than the United States, including those working in languages other than English. We will be happy to post abstracts in any language, though we would like to provide an English translation as well, and so request, but do not require, dual abstracts for foreign-language dissertations.

Although these Web pages as a whole are copyright by the Seminar on behalf of Harvard University, the copyright for each individual abstract remains in the hands of its author. Listing on the Atlantic history Web site is not exclusive; authors can, and do, include their abstracts in other such listings. We also encourage people to link to our site; each abstract has a "name," so it is also possible to provide the location of a specific abstract: in most browsers, placing the cursor on the author's name in our index page will cause the unique location to appear in the bottom display line.

Over time, we will develop a topology of fields, but will provide links that are alphabetical by author at the moment.

The Seminar reserves the right to reject inappropriate submissions and to edit abstracts to correct spelling and grammatical errors.

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