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Alderson, Robert "Michel-Ange-Bernard de Mangourit, Consul at Charleston, S.C., 1792-1794"
Allen, Deborah J. "To Measure and Describe 'The Whole Globe of the Earth': Geographical Writing and Imperial Enterprise in the English Atlantic World, 1660-1815"
Andrews, Edward E. "Prodigal Sons: Indigenous Missionaries in the British Atlantic World,  1640-1780"
Barcia Paz, Manuel "Domination and Slave Resistance in Cuban Plantations, 1808-1848"
Berger, Eugene C. "Permanent War on Chile's Periphery: Frontier Identity and the Politics of Conflict in Seventeenth-Century Chile"
Berquist, Emily "Imagining the New World: Bishop Martínez Compañón and the Hispanic Enlightenment in Peru"
Berry, Stephen R. "Seaborne Conversions, 1700-1800"
Bleichmar, Daniela "The Visual Culture of Natural History: Botanical Illustrations and Expeditions in the Eighteenth-Century Spanish Atlantic"
Block, Kristen "Faith and Fortune: Religious Identity and the Politics of Profit in the Seventeenth-Century Caribbean"
Chambers, Ian David "Space: The Final Frontier? Spatial Understandings in the 18th-Century American Southeast"
Childs, Matt D. "The Aponte Rebellion of 1812 and the Transformation of Cuban Society: Race, Slavery, and Freedom in the Atlantic World"
Christopher, Emma "The Sons of Neptune and the Sons of Ham: Slave Ship Sailors and Their Captive Cargoes"
Clark, Fiona "La Gazeta de Literatura de México, 1788-1795: Relating Science and Society through Periodical Literature in Late Eighteenth-Century Mexico"
Cook, Karoline "Morisco Emigration to Spanish America, 1492-1650"
Delbourgo, James "Electricity, Experiment and Enlightenment in Eighteenth-Century America"
Donoghue, John "Radical Republican Politics in the Puritan Atlantic, 1630-1661"
Ebert, Christopher “The Trade in Brazilian Sugar: Brazil, Portugal, and Northwestern Europe, 1550-1630”
Engel, Katherine Carté "Of Heaven and Earth: Religion and Economic Activity among Bethlehem’s Moravians, 1741-1800"
Fitzsimons, David Michael "Toward a New World Order: Thomas Paine and the Ideology of Early American Foreign Relations"
Fortin, Jeffrey A. " 'Little short of national Murder': Removal, Exile, and the Making of Diasporas in the Atlantic World, 1745-1865"
Ghachem, Malick "Sovereignty and Slavery in the Age of Revolution: Haitian Variations on a Metropolitan Theme"
Grigg, John "The Lives of David Brainerd"
Glasson, Travis "The Society for the Propagation of the Gospel and the Creation of Race in the British Atlantic"
Gomez, Pablo "Bodies of Encounter: African Healing, Diseasing and Dying Practices and Ideas in the Early Modern Iberian Caribbean"
Hampton, Ellen "A Comparison of Early Land Acquisition in the Americas by the Five European Colonizers"
Hanna, Mark "The Pirate Nest: The Impact of Piracy on Newport, Rhode Island and Charles Town, South Carolina, 1670-1730"
Hanzimanolis, Margaret "Ultramarooned: Gender, Empire, and Narratives of Travel in Southern Africa"
Heckscher, Jurretta Jordan "'All the Mazes of the Dance': Black Dancing, Culture, and Identity in the Greater Chesapeake World from the Eighteenth Century to the Civil War"
Hunter, Brooke "Rage for Grain: Flour Milling in the Mid-Atlantic, 1750-1815"
Isserov, Andrey A. "Public Opinion and the Foundation of U.S. Foreign Policies in Latin America, 1815-1829"
Johnson, Ronald “In Close Alliance”: How the Early American Republic and Revolutionary Saint-Domingue Made Their Way in a Hostile Atlantic World
Keller-Lapp, Heidi "Floating Cloisters and Femmes Fortes: Ursuline Missionaries in Ancien R& eacutelgime France and Its Colonies"
Kermes, Stephanie "New England's America: Transatlantic Protestantism, Regionalism, and Nationalism in the Early Republic, 1789-1825"
Koot, Christian "In Pursuit of Profit: Persistent Dutch Influence on the Inter-Imperial Trade of New York and the Lesser Antilles, 1621-1689"
Kummer, Karsten “Eighteenth-Century German-American Texts: A Study of Intercultural Negotiations and Relations”
Little, Nigel “Transoceanic Radical: The Many Identities of William Duane”
Lohse, Russell "Africans and Their Descendants in Colonial Costa Rica, 1600-1750"
McDonald, Kevin P. “Pirates, Merchants, Settlers, and Slaves: Making an Indo-Atlantic Trade World, 1645-1730”
McDonald, Michelle Craig “From Cultivation to Cup: Caribbean Coffee and the North American Economy, 1765-1805”
Meadows, R. Darrell “The Planters of Saint-Domingue, 1750-1804: Migration and Exile in the French Revolutionary Atlantic”
Minty, Christopher Popular Loyalism and Counter-revolution in the British Atlantic world, c. 1776-1800
Parrish, David Jacobitism and the British Atlantic World
Pierce, Christopher "The City Delineated: Aesthetic and Ideological Aspects of Colonial Discourse in New York"
Proenza-Coles, Christina "Imagining Communities in Black and White: Social Stratification in Colonial Virginia and Cuba and Its Impact on Nineteenth-Century Race and Nation"
Ricketts, Mónica "Pens, Politics, and Swords: The Struggle for Power during the Breakdown of the Spanish Empire in Peru and Spain, 1760-1830"
Schloss, Rebecca Hartkopf “The distance betweent the color white and all others': The Struggle over White Identity in the French Colony of Martinique, 1802-1848”
Schroeder, Christopher D. “Dreams of a Prairie Republic: Morris Birkbeck and Settlement on the Indiana-Illinois Frontier, 1765-1860”
Smith, Joshua M. "The Rogues of 'Quoddy: Smugglingin the Maine-New Brunswick Borderlands, 1783-1820"
Stoermer, R. S. Taylor

"Constitutional Sense, Revolutionary Sensibility: Political Cultures in the Making and Breaking of British Virginia, 1707-1776"

Stoll, Allyson Ann Marie Not For ‘Want of Go-Aheadism’ in Field and
Factory: The Technological Trajectory of the
Guyana (British Guiana) Sugar Industry from 1800
to the 1930s.
Warren, Wendy "African Slavery in New England, 1638-1700"
Weber, Klaus "German Merchant Families in the Atlantic Trade of Manufactured and Colonial Goods: Networks Linking Hamburg, Cádiz, and Bordeaux (1680-1830)"

German Version: "Deutsche Kaufleute im atlantischen Manufaktur- und Kolonialwarenhandel: Netzwerke zwischen Hamburg, Cádiz, und Bordeaux (1680-1830)"


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