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The Atlantic in the Age of Piracy, (Ekirch, Virginia Polytechnic and State University)

Atlantic History, 1500-1800 (Rediker, University of Pittsburgh, 1998)

The Atlantic World from Conquest to Revolution (Norton, Weil, Graubart, Cornell, 2002)

Atlantic Revolutions 1763-1826 (Bradburn, University of Chicago, 2001)

The Atlantic World, 1492-1860 (Fogleman, Northern Illinois University, 2003)

1492 and the Atlantic World (McMichael, Western Kentucky University, 2004)

History of Cartography (Reinhartz, University of Texas at Arlington, Fall, 1994)

Historical Geography and Cartography (Reinhartz, University of Texas at Arlington, Spring, 1999)

Colloquium in Discovery, Exploration, and the History of Discovery (Reinhartz, University of Texas at Arlington, Fall, 1999)


The Black Atlantic, 1500-1825

The African Diaspora in the Americas: History, Conception, and the Politics of Culture (Brown, Harvard University, Fall 2003)

American Revolutions in the Atlantic World ( Brown, Harvard University, Spring 2004)

Anthropology of the Afro-Atlantic World ( Palmié, University of Chicago, Spring, 2004)

The Black Atlantic World (Palmié, University of Maryland, 2003)

Africa and Africans in the Atlantic World (Blyden, George Washington University, Spring, 2004)

The African Diaspora: Blacks in the Atlantic World (Blyden, University of Texas at Dallas, Spring, 2003)


Miscegenation in the Atlantic World

Race, Class and Ethnicity in Latin America, 1520-2000 (Dym, Skidmore, 2000)

Race-Mixing in Latin American History (Owensby, University of Virginia)

Race, Sex & Conquistadors (Lemon, Emory, 1998)

Visualizing Difference in Colonial Spanish America--Images (Melendez, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)

Sexuality and Marriage in the Americas: 1500-1850 (Earle, University of Warwick)

Conceptualizing Race in Latin America: Historical Perspectives and Evolution (Vinson, Columbia, 2001)

Miscegenation in American Literature and Culture (Chachere, Illinois State University)


Gender Issues in the Atlantic World

Women and Print Culture in the Anglo-Atlantic World, 1675-1800 (Kerrison, Villanova University, 2001)

Gender and History in Latin America (Mangan, Harvard University, 2001)

History of Manhood in America, 1750-1940 (Dorsey, Swarthmore, 1999)

Syllabi list on the web for women and gender related courses


Archaeological Sources for Atlantic History

Seminar in New World Historical Archaeology (Beaudry, Boston University, 2000)

Historical Archaeology (Delle, 1997)

Archaeology of Slavery and Freedom (Delle)

Topics in Archaeology (Delle, 2000)

Historical Archaeology (Ewen, East Carolina University, 1999)

Methods in Historical Archaeology (Neiman, University of Virginia, 1999)

Archaeology of the African Diaspora (Singleton, Syracuse University, 1999)


Teaching Atlantic History


The Atlantic World, 1492-1800 (Games, Georgetown, 1998)

The Atlantic World, 1492-1770 (Beiler, University of Central Florida, 1998)

The Atlantic World in the Age of Empire (Benjamin, Central Michigan University, 1998)

The Colombian Exchange: Europe and the Americas in the Early Modern Period (Blaisdell, 1998)

European Expansion, 1400-1750 (Williams, 1996)

The Invasion of America, 1492-1800 (Williams, 1995)

Cultural Exchange and Conflict, 1492-1800 (Bastress-Dukehart, University o Oregon)

North America and the United States from the Colombian Encounter through the American Civil War (Friedman, Spring 1998)

Africa and America: Slavery, Antislavery, and Cultural Exchange in the Making of America (Bolster, University of New Hampshire, 1997)

Spain and the Atlantic World, 1450-1830 (Gonzalez de Leon, Springfield College, 1998)

Folk Beliefs and Witchcraft Persecution in the Early Modern Atlantic World (Walker, 1999)

Maritime History and Practical Seamanship (Walker, 1999)

The History of Peoples Moving Across the Atlantic (Walker)


The Atlantic Encounter: Europe and America in the 15th, 16th, and 17th Centuries (Blaisdell, Northeastern University, 1998)

The British Atlantic, 1500-1800 (Gould, University of New Hampshire, 2000)


(The following syllabi may also be viewed at the program's web site.)

The Charting of Empires (Francaviglia, University of Texas at Arlington, 2002)

Seminar in Transatlantic History, (Richmond, University of Texas at Arlington, 2001)

Required Doctoral Courses

Historical Theory and Methodology

Issues in Transatlantic History

Colloquium in Exploration, Discovery, and the History of Cartography

Colloquium in Migration, Colonization, and Comparative Frontiers



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