Tom Maniatis

Department of Molecular & Cellular Biology
Harvard University
Fairchild Building, Room 487
7 Divinity Avenue, Cambridge, MA 02138

tel: (617) 495-1811 or 495-8660; fax: (617) 495-3537

Research Interests:

Eukaryotic Gene Expression. We are interested in understanding the mechanisms involved in the regulation of RNA transcription and pre-messenger RNA splicing.

Our studies of transcription involve the characterization of the structure and function of regulated transcriptional enhancers and promoters, and the analysis of the mechanisms involved in the activation of the transcription factor NF-kB.

The major objective of our pre-mRNA splicing studies is to understand the mechanisms involved in regulated alternative splicing. Our current focus is on the expression of protocadherin genes encoding cell adhesion molecules that are expressed at synaptic junctions in the brain. A large number of distinct protocadherins are expressed in a cell-specific manner by novel mechanisms of promoter activation and regulated alternative splicing.

Selected Publications:

Peters, R.T., Liao, S.M. and Maniatis, T. (2000). IKKe is part of a novel PMA-inducible IkB kinase complex. Mol. Cell. 5, 513-522,

Silverman, N., Zhou, R., Stoven, S., Pandey, N., Hultmark, D. and Maniatis, T. (2000). A Drosophila IkB kinase complex required for Relish cleavage and antibacterial immunity. Genes & Dev. 14, 2461-2471.

Agalioti, T., Lomvardas, S., Parekh, B., Yie, J. Maniatis, T. and Thanos, D. (2000). Ordered recruitment of chromatin modifying and general transcription factors to the IFN-b promoter. Cell, 103 667-678.

Wu, Q. and Maniatis, T. (1999). A striking organization of a large family of human neural cadherin-like cell adhesion genes. Cell, 97, 779-790.

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