Research on Historical Gazetteers
Web Services

Editor: Merrick Lex Berman

Center for Geographic Analysis Harvard University

Research Bibliography

Historical Gazetteer Web Services [updated Sep 2014, last update Jun 2013]
launched area name
2015 Global Research Tools
2014 China, East Asia, Central Asia Temporal Gazetteer [CHGIS + other HGIS]
2013 UK and Europe Past Place [Vision of Britain]
2008 China CHGIS [China Historical GIS] becomes TGAZ

Notable Geo-Temporal Webmaps
launched area name
2010 Europe / Mediterranean Pelagios
2012 Global GapVis
2012 Global OldMapsOnline
2011 San Francisco OldSF
2011 Global GeoDia
2010 Europe / Mediterranean Pleiades
2009 Global Hypercities

Gazetteer Web Services (Lacking Temporal Search)
launched area name
2011 Global Pelagios API (json)
2011 Global Bing Maps Geocode (json)
2010 Ancient World Pleiades API
2009 Global Nominatum (html, json)
2009 Global Cloudmade (json) decommissioned 2014
2006 Global Flickr API (json)
2006 Global Google Geocoding API (xml, json)
2005 Global GeoNames (xml, json, html)
2005 Global Yahoo! Geocoding API -> Placefinder (xml, json)
2004 Global Alexandria Digital Library Gazetteer Protocol API (xml) [decommissioned 2009]