International Workshop on Historical GIS

Fudan University, Shanghai, 2001


-- Jianxiong GE (Fudan University)
-- Peter Bol (Harvard University)
-- Ruth Mostern (U.C. Berkeley)
-- Lex Berman (Harvard University)

A permanent archive of these materials is desposited here:

Day One :: Aug 23rd, 2001

Creating a GIS Spatial History of Tokyo
---- Loren Siebert [Univ of Akron] Paper

GIS Reporting of Population Distribution, from 1776-1953
---- Jun Wang [Chinese Academy of Surveying and Mapping, Beijing] Slides - Summary (Chinese)

A Rich Data Model for Historical GIS
---- Brandon Plewe [Brigham Young Univ] [no file provided]

County Boundaries in Historical GIS
---- John Long [Newberry Library, Chicago] pdf

Solution to the Parent-Child Problem in Implementing a Dynamic Spatio-Temporal Database for the CHGIS Songjiang Data
---- Lawrence Crissman and Lin Pu [Griffith Univ, Australia] pdf

An Historical-GIS for 200 years of Belgian Territorial Structures (1796-2000)
---- Martine DeMoor [Ghent Univ] pdf

Temporal GISes of changing administrative boundaries: European comparisons
---- Ian Gregory [Lancaster Univ, UK] slides - narrative

English Historical Geography, Socio-Economic History and Historical GIS
---- Humphrey Southall [Univ Portsmouth, UK] pdf

Interoperability and Distributed GIS Models
---- Ian Johnson [Univ Sydney, Australia] pdf

Digital Gazetteer Development
---- Ruth Mostern [Univ California, Merced] pdf

Problems With Investigating Placenames in China's Northeast District During Pre-Modern Times
---- Yingsheng Liu [Nanjing University] [no file provided]

Integrating Contemporary Statistics into Historical GIS Context
---- Shuming Bao [Univ Michigan] pdf

GIS Reconstruction of the "Daoist Grotto Heavens"
---- Justin O'Jack [Univ California, Santa Barbara] pdf

Day Two :: Aug 24th, 2001

Monastic Census in GIS
---- Thomas Hahn [Cornell University] [no file provided]

Full Text Search System for Chinese Classics" on a Chinese Character Workstation
---- Lin Yuan [Shaanxi Teacher's College] [no file provided]

Current Status of Building a Spatio-Temporal Infrastructure for Interdisciplinary Studies at Academia Sinica
---- I-chun Fan [Academia Sinica, Taipei] [no file provided]

Development of China Historial GIS
---- Jianxiong Ge [Fudan University] [no file provided]

Demostration of Qing (1820) CHGIS
---- Zhimin Man [Fudan University] pdf

Chinese Rubbings Database
---- Ming Zhang [Beijing University] [no file provided]

GIS Techniques for Cross-Time Analysis of China County Data
---- Mark Henderson [Mills College] presentation - Glossary (xls)

China Historical GIS Version 1
---- Merrick Lex Berman slides - database design V1

A Mapserver for German Historical GIS
---- Andreas Kunz [Inst for European History, Mainz] pdf

A History of Russian Administrative Boundaries (XVIII - XX centuries)
---- Irina Merzliakova [Inst of Geography, Moscow] slides - narrative

Examining Pre-Modern Vietnam With Historical GIS
---- Brian Zottoli [University of Michigan] [no file provided]