This area allows you to view those grades that we have on file for you. You are entirely responsible for the accuracy of these records; it is expected, then, that you will bring any omissions or errors to your teaching fellow's attention immediately.

Needless to say, this area is password-protected (as well as encrypted). If prompted, your username is the first eight digits of your Harvard University ID (HUID) number (e.g., 12345678) and your password is the first eight letters of your last name (or fewer, if your last name is shorter than eight letters), in all lowercase, exclusive of non-alphabetic characters. For example, John Harvard's username might be 12345678, while his password would be "harvard." And, were Harvard's namesake Irish, John O'Harvard's password would be "oharvard". Your HUID number is not your social security number, is not a number that starts with a '@', and is not your Harvard PIN; if you happen to work for Harvard, your HUID number is the same as your Harvard employee number.

If you are unable to authenticate, please contact a member of the course's staff.

Attempting to access the grades of any student other than yourself is expressly prohibited. Violations of said prohibition will be considered instances of academic dishonesty and will be handled accordingly. Usage of this area is logged.

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