CSCIE 259 – XML with J2EE

Renato Rocha





i.                     Extending Scamazon to provide pre-paid phone “activation” and simple queries.


ii. Renato Rocha


iii. The idea would to be to provide pre-paid wireless phone activation and simple queries (bill image) to Scamazon customers that choose to enroll for pre-paid wireless service. Free minutes would be given for every dollar spent in a Scamazon purchase.


iv. Functionality the application would do the following:


1-     Upon checkout, it will calculate the amount purchased and will determine the available credit ($1 credit for every dollar spent).

2-      Notify customer that he/she is eligible for pre-paid wireless service

3-     Upon acceptance, user will be taken to another servlet (each page = servlet?) to register/login

4-     After successful login a menu would be displayed: Activate Service, View Invoice, (Query balance?).

5-     Capture customer information

6-     Upon submitting the information the servlet will send this information to a Billing system at my company running in my office.


v. The project would exercise the following:


1-     Extending Dynamic HTML generation using XML, XSD & XSLT

2-     Web Services enabling an interface that is currently supporting CORBA IDLs

3-     Visualizing ASCII files

Note: (I would like to exercise XSLT to provide, also, data mapping but since there is no data format in Scamazon (e.g. Account) that would need to be transformed to our billing I don’t know how I could do that)


Currently, we’re working in other projects but I ‘m very interested to have our backend support Web services, as I could seamlessly plug it to Middleware vendors (e.g. TIBCO) or an Application Server. Another, field I’m interest is to find out more about Reliable Web Services Messages.








vi-  Here is a quick diagram of, what I think, the architecture will look like:







































XML Technologies applied:

XML Parsers (probably SAX)

XSLT for generating XHTML screens

XSD to validate sent and retrieved information


Languages: Java, C++


Skills:  WSDL



Vii: Questions:


1-     I’m still a bit confused about the relationship between SOAP and WSDL? Isn’t SOAP a protocol using WSDL?

2-     What would I need to ask our System Admin in order for me to have TOMCAT accepting requests from outside. Alternatively I could get a strip stubbed out version of the CORBA server and install it on my Harvard account with TAO/ACE. Would that be acceptable?

3-     Do requests directed to other servers in the internet have to go through the web server or they can go directly from the application server.

4-     When validating information captured by a servlet and passed in the httpservletRequest, how can we use XSD to enforce the data correction (e.g. type checking)?  Which component does this checking?