Content Management Framework


Irene Leon


Using technologies discussed in class I intend to build a framework which I can later adopt to more than one project. (This project about utilization rather than innovation)


End result will be a framework that ties particular content to a user. The content will be described most likely by XML schema and be validated against it. The user will have options of retrieving content in either html or PDF format; apply certain styling to its content. Possibly create a Web Service that can retrieve content or portions of content based on criteria (TBA)


I am involved with one project that deals with content management and responsible for generating e-books, and soon will be involved with another content management project. I am trying to pin down common sections among the two and solve the issues in the generic way, so I can reuse the code/logic.


The end product should be executable on nice. I intend to use all of the learned during the course of this class technologies i.e. XML, XSLT, XML Schema, DTD in addition to Java, and Tomcat.


Can I ask questions later, when I have more information and you give me permission to work on this?