i. Title

DICOM/PACS server and viewer.


ii. Author(s)

Vinod Agrawal.


iii. Abstract

The goal of the project is to develop a system, using XML technologies that can be used as DICOM/PACS server and viewer.


iv. What

In a paragraph or more, detail your project. What will your application do? What features will it have? How will it be executed?


The application will allow the users (doctors, radiologies, etc…) to use a web based system to process, store, share and view their patient information/X-ray images, MRI images, and CT scan images in client server mode. The system will allow the users to search the available data base on a different number of criteria like name, patient ID, dates, etc…


The application will be accessed using a standard web browser and web server. An applet might be used if needed for displaying the images.


v. Why

In a paragraph or more, justify your project. Why is the problem you intend to solve interesting or important? What is your motivation for this choice of project?


DICOM is Digital Image Communication in Medicine. The use of DICOM/PACS is increasing in the radiology world. There is a lot of diagnosis information available but this information is not available so that it can be shared for useful purposes and for interaction between doctors and physicians. This project will provide doctors, radiologies, physicians and all other healthcare professionals’ tools to process, store, share and view diagnosis information and images. The goal is to provide these tools without significant cost/resource barrier.


vi. How

In a paragraph or more, outline your plan of attack. What infrastructure will your project require? What XML-based technologies will it utilize? In what language(s) will it be implemented? What new skills will you need to acquire? What topics will you need to research? If working with one of two other students, who will do what?


Design and Validation of the system is the biggest component to attack first. Followed by choosing the right tools and technologies to be integrated, like, web server, applet for image viewing, information storage system, information input system and information delivery system.


The project will use classic 3-Tier client-server setup. XML, XPath, XSLT, DTD are the most likely XML based technologies to be used. The middle tier will be implemented using Java Servlets and JSP, Back end will utilize some database not sure as of now which one and Front end will be a mix of XHTML, Scripts, Java applet, etc… I also hope to use SOAP, WSDL and web services in this project.


Knowledge of SOAP, WSDL and web services will need to be acquired and I can acquire that in future lectures also, will have to take care of integration of different technologies and tools that are to be used in the project.


Topics related to DICOM like DICOM standard, DICOM to XML conversion and vice versa are to be researched. 


vii. Questions

In a sentence or more, ask for some help. What questions or concerns have you for the staff?

At this time it is not very clear what help will be needed from the staff. I will promptly ask as it becomes clearer in near future.