i.              Title

To be defined (~ CraigslistS.biz ?)

ii.            Authors

Alexey Ermilov

Igor Binder

iii.          Abstract

We want to build a web-site with Craigslist.org-like interface to brows all Craigslists different sites in one location and be able to be notified once a new post appears on Craigslist community that is of interest.

iv.          What

The new website will:

1.      Have very close to the original Craigslist.orgs interface

2.      Contain posts received from Craigslist.org through its RSS feed

3.      Allow browsing through those posts regardless their physical location

4.      Allow searching through those posts regardless their physical location

5.      Allow subscribing to new posts (sent by email) by certain search criteria

The site will be based on Nice server.

All the pages (except the main one) will be dynamically generated by applying our XSL to corresponding Craigslist.orgs RSS feeds

There will be a web-service running on Nice as well that will constantly search Craigslist to notify those subscribed if a new post compliant to defined search criteria appear.

There will be an interface to subscribe to the notifications.

v.            Why

By building this service we are trying to solve three problems that the original (perfect in the rest) Craigslist.org service has:

1.      One can browse only one physical location (i.e. NYC) on a Craigslist at once.

2.      There is no global search among all posts regardless their physical location.

3.      There is no possibility to get notified immediately when a new post appears that one is waiting for and has defined search criteria for.

vi.          How

We will need to

-         write an XSL to convert RSS feed into Craigslists-like web-pages

-         java servlet to get the feed, apply XSL, and show to a user

-         java servlet to subscribe users for notifications

-         web service to monitor RSS feeds for new posts

We have not divided the job among us yet.

vii.        Questions

No questions at this point.