Title: Countway Web RSS/Atom Feed Personalized Aggregation Module

Author: Halip Saifi


A web-based application that allows a user to easily select, manage and aggregate all RSS/Atom feeds provided by all e-journals and other publications listed on Countway Library Website.


An end-user will be able to create and maintain a highly personalized RSS/Atom feed collection and display. The collection and the display can be organized by publisher, author (if available), any ranking or key-words.

An admin-user will be able to manage user account, total collection of feeds, and to be able to config cache utilities to improve service performance. An admin-user will also be able to make any changes for the collection and be able to alert end-user for new feed and other changes.


It has been a challenge for many students, researchers and faculty members to keep track of all RSS/Atom feeds in their study/research fields. For example Nature Magazine alone has about 90 RSS feeds. When they visit Countway website, the Digital Library is the most useful application for them to check most recent publications, to search on particular topic and to browse most relevant e-journals in their fields. However, to manage all feeds from these e-journals and publications is not easy and no personalization.


The basic design and infrastructure for this application will be based on the Wahoo! portal and written in XML and Java Http servlet with display handled by TRAX and XSLT.

In client tier, both end-user and admin-user can login through a web-interface. Most likely end-user login will be integrated with Countway web My Digital Library login.

In the middle tier, in addition to Login, Select and View servlets, I plan to build 2 sets of manager classes to handle the user management and feed management. User Manger will process user related tasks, like store user's selection of feed and personalized display; Feed Manager will process feed related tasks, like fetching the feed and configure the cache.

In the back-end, all user profiles and feed are stored in Countway Digital Library Database


I need some help on how to handle feeds in different format and standard.