User Website Text Editor


Jeffrey Lee


The current process flow from when a user to submit a web text change to when it is finally on the website requires a large involvement from the web admin. This application is designed to offer an efficient method for users to submit text changes to a webpage with minimal involvement from the web admin.


The purpose of this application is to offer an easy method for users to edit existing webpage text. Using an web portal, users will be able to select specific webpages and submit text edits. In addition to allowing users to submit text edits, the application will generate a jsp file that will be deployed. This reduces the amount of time required of the web admin to make sure the text changes are exactly as the user specified. The application will include the ability to add format changes to the text such as bold, italics, and hyperlinks.


Currently the process flow of web text updates is as follows:

First, the user copies the original text to be edited to a word processor
Second, the user edits the text to their needs
Third, the user sends an e-mail to the web admin and supervisor with the original text, newly edited text and webpage address.
Fourth, the supervisor approve of the text or rejects it and requests specific revisions.
Fifth, the supervisor informs the web admin that the text is ready to be placed into a webpage format.
Sixth, the web admin edits the webpage and deploys it to the test environment.
Seventh, the web admin informs the supervisor and user of the test environment address.
Eighth, the user and supervisor agree to the webpage or rejects it and offers revisions.
Ninth, once approved by user and supervisor, the web admin takes the page and checks it into a central repository for version control.
Lastly, the page is then deployed to the prod environment.
In detailing the work flow it is easy to see that there is a deluge of steps that the web admin is involved with that can be reduced by allowing the user to create the web edits themselves. This will save quite a bit of time since the application will recieve a generated jsp file that can just be deployed.


This is a preliminary plan of how to proceed with the development of this application. Utilizing java servlets, users will input the url of the webpage they want to edit. A Servlet will pull the html text from the page and present it to the user. Users will then add or edit the text and submit changes to the servlet. The primary technology is java to process all the transformations from text to html. Additional technologies that maybe implemented is the use of ajax to offer a more event based and dynamic gui for the users.


Since I have never worked with Ajax, are any resources you would recommend?

Is there a different technology other than Java servlets that would be recommended for this project?