i. Title

Online  Book Sale Application

ii. Author(s)

Lifeng Gao

iii. Abstract

This project will simulate an Online Book sale application which will facilitate both buying and selling processes, sale reports will be generated by the web application to the online store owner (or administator) .

iv. What

The application will have two type of web interfaces, one for the regular users/customers who can  register accounts and shop in the online book store, another is for the administrator who can add or update books and invetories,  and view sale reports.

v. Why

Some friends had asked me to be their "technical support" and to create e-commerce web sites for their intented businesses, although they never really started.  I have been thinking about that I do need to prove this is something that can be achieved, online book store should be a simple one to start with.

vi. How

I will try to utilize all the techniques learn from this course for the final projects, the online store infastrcture will be based on the scamazon.com project, and user and administrator account creation will be based on the wahoo project, xml files will be used for both book invetory and user account storage, the book invetory xml file can be modified by the administrator and dynamically displaying to the customers. The purchase orders will be collected on the backend also in the format of XML,  they will be converted to pdf format as the reports to the administrators.  Java, XML, servlets, XSLT, XSL-FO and JSP techniques will be  invovled  in the project.

vii. Questions

No question at this time.