Final Project Proposal

i. Title

WikiWalks or Foodie Walks

ii. Authors

Miranda Pearce

iii. Abstract

I plan to build a website where users can submit and find detailed urban walks what include a map of the route and highlights -- specifically food related highlights -- along the route.

iv. What

The site will allow the following main activities.
1. Add a new walk by clicking on a series of points on a google map and adding directions or details about each point on the map. Authors of a walk would be encouraged to pick out a good lunch and/or coffee stop along the way.
2. Search for a walk by state, city, distance
3. View a walk with map and details about the route
4. Edit an existing walk to update any route changes for things such as bridge closure or restaurant out of business

v. Why

I was inspired by a book that the London Ramblers used to publish (possibly still do, but I think it's all on the web now). In this book, they outlined 52 walks and Saturday group walk schedules for a few years at a time. Each walk has a small map and route details and always stops for lunch and tea. How civilized! I would like to merge this with the local foodie culture found on sites like chowhound and allow people to share their favorite strolls through towns they know well, with stops at their favorite lunch spots.

vi. How

The map graphics and charting will use Google Maps and Javascript. Each of the 4 main pages, would probably be servlets. All the walk data will be stored in an XML file.

vii. Questions

1. The Google Maps key is based on the url of the page that uses it. I am a little concerned about running my own instance of tomcat on nice and the subdomain effecting my key's validity. Perhaps I can just get a key for all "ice" subdomains and use the appropriate one depending on where tomcat starts up if it becomes availabe to the application upon startup. If you have any other suggestions. I'd love to hear it.

2. Also, I have a few ideas of more features to implement -- user accounts, allow users to rate walks, add rating as search param to search page, keyword search, etc. Please let me know if you think the scope of this project seems too limited. I can consider which features to add.