i. Title


ii. Author

Paul Callahan

iii. Abstract

This project will facilitate the management and validation of XML based requests between two applications. A series of data type validations and business logic will be assessed to dictate the processing of data. A SOAP interface will be used to route all XML traffic.

iv. What

The SOAP service will receive data from an application and apply a series of requirements and edits so that the record can properly be accepted and routed. In place of legacy systems, two sample applications will need to be built to demonstrate a subset of data transmissions. The routing portion will be responsible for audit trails, logs and warnings. Business logic will be stored in an XML file format so that future revisions will not require code changes.

v. Why

A current work project requires that a previously existing tape/batch process be replaced with a near real time interface from external sources that need to interface with existing legacy systems that do not have SOAP interoperability. This project will serve as the foundation of our permanent solution.

vi. How

1. designed to run on nice
2. java
3. J2EE
4. JavaMail

vii. Questions

What do we have for backend database use on nice?