CSCI-E259 Final Project Proposal

i. Title

PET(Personal Expense Tracker)

ii. Author

Ramanjanappa Ravikumar

iii. Abstract

The product is a family expense tracker. It will serve as a tool to monitor/plan the family budget better by tracking actual income and spending in a central place.

iv. What

The product will have 5 sections:
  1. Budget Summary: The ability to show a graphical/tabular representation of Expense, Income and Balance.User will have the option to do this Yearly, Monthly or weekly. It will also options to display spendings based on category ( Transportion, Home, Bills, Insurance etc. etc.).
  2. Budget By Month: The ability to display a tabular representation of Income and Spending based on categories for all months of a specified year.
  3. Budget Tracking: The ability to alert the user when spending is over budget or under budget.
  4. Budget Comparison: The ability to Compare Tracking versus Budgeted Summary. ( For all categories for any given month, year)
  5. Daily Spending: GUI to enter daily spending based on categories for a month

v. Why

The idea is have a simple tool to track all expenses in a central place. This tool will help analyze the spending pattern and spending habits that may avoided. Tools like Microsoft Money are too complex to use and they require users to register, which makes me nervous.

vi. How

Swing will be used as a Front End Client. Client will make 'http' requests to the server. The server will reply to client requests by sending a chunk of XML Data back. Since http is employed to make requests, the client may be written in any language(Makes the client language independent).
It also makes the server-side language independent. Java will be employed to develop the server side. XSL style sheets will be used generate svg charts/graphs. Java XML API's will be employed to convert XML data to objects required by the client. I will not need to acquire any extra skills.