i. Title

Seacost Used Car System

ii. Author(s)

Rasheed Ahmad Rehmani

iii. Abstract

The used car system is a web based. The system will have two user interfaces one for the users and one for Administration.
The user interface will provide latest information about the used car, their prices and availability. The administration interface is to maintain the car inventory.

iv. What

This the web based solution. Customers go online and search make, Model, Year Range, Mileage and different price ranges. Customer can view the different directions of the car and can see the full detail of the cars. Customers can also see the special cars offered and can book online.
The special feature is that if the used car is not available the customers will be able to create their own used car type by specifying their preferences like color, Model, Year and Price range, the request will be send to dealer. The customer will be informed when the car is available. Administration interface will also provided to upload the new cars, delete cars, edit cars, add special cars and can contact to their customers.

v. Why

My friend works in used cars dealer shop and they not only deal with their Pre owned cars as well they have collaboration with other dealers in the area. They don't have any system that they can use to advertise, get the customer requirement for their preferences and maintain their inventory. The dealer can the query other Car dealers for their customers preferences. If the dealer found the car they will inform the customer using the Admin interface

vi. How

The system is web based. The JSP, Servlet, XML, XSLT and java will be used in this project. I will also try to use Open source XML Data store to keep the inventory information. The system will have two interfaces one will be open to users and one will be for the Administration purpose. I will use XSD schema's to validate the user inputs. The more I am exited about learning the XQuery as well using Open source XML DB.

vii. Questions

Not at this time.