Investment Tracker



Shirish Khandekar



Investment Tracker is a J2EE and XML based tool that allows a user to track investments.



Investment Tracker will allow user to enter his investments in a browser based form. This will include entering the date, ticker, quantity and price. The application will then show the current market value and any gain or loss based on current stock price. The stock quote will be provided by accessing a quote server which will be implemented as a web service.


Additionally, the user will be able to create watch lists.  There will also be a facility to generate reports and print them. All the user information will be saved in an XML file on the server. There will also be a way to login and authenticate the user.



This project involves use of a variety of technologies based on XML and demonstrates how they can be used in conjunction with one another.  E.g. reading and writing to an XML file will involve using DOM/SAX parsing, report generation will involve using XPATH and XSL-FO, and web services will involve using SOAP. The project is interesting to me as it allows me to gain hands on experience in using these technologies especially web services.



The application will be a J2EE based application that will be implemented in JAVA. It will run on tomcat server and will need Apache Axis SOAP implementation. It will utilize web services to get stock quotes which will be simulated using random numbers. The web based forms will use XSL and servlets. The reports will be implemented in XSL-FO and persistence will involve using XML parsing using Xerces parser.


I will need to figure out how to write a web service using Apache Axis.



I would like to know if there is any free stock quote service. I could make use of one instead of generating a quote randomly.