i. Title

Task Management Dashboard

ii. Author

Subrato Sensharma

iii. Abstract

The project aims at creation and assignment of tasks and subtasks to individuals, monitoring of progress, checking achievement of milestones against calendar events and merging of calendars of various projects. Flexible definition of tasks and integration of various forms of event definitions are the central problems of the project.

iv. What?

The application will have the following modules : Task creation, Task assignment, Individual Calendar, Group calendar and Dashboard Display. Task Creation will define individual tasks and its components. Task assignment will assign the components to various individuals and have a delivery deadline. Individual Calendar module will allow setting up personal tasks, block time and monitor event deadlines. Group calendars will be used to define events for various groups. Lastly the dashboard will show all tasks, deadlines, assignments and events in an integrated form.

v. Why

As a project manager, I need to schedule tasks for my team members and monitor their load, deliverable timing, quality of work as well as technical details of work. One issue with the work items is that they have varying properties, components and cross-relationships which is very difficult to maintain in a straight jacket environment of RDBMS server based tables and views. Also, various groups in the organization have their own calendar of events, deadline lists etc. Definition of events are also not uniform. But for collaboration purpose and for proper planning, it is useful if the calendars can be aggregated. An integrated dashboard can be a good tool for a project manager.

vi. How?

The project will leverage knowledge from the assignments and lectures. Java, XSLT and JSP will be the primary technologies employed. ICS file format for calendaring will be used to integrate external calendars. All storage will be in XML.

Individual tasks will be defined according a DTD. DTD will be flexible enough to accommodate various types of attributes and components of tasks. An HTML/JavaScript based form will be used to define tasks.

Tasks will be assigned using a shopping cart paradigm. An individual will 'check in' and pick up various tasks with deadlines. Each individual calendar will get updated with task deadlines.

An integrated calendar will pick up events from individual as well as calendars of other groups. Integration is planned to developed using web services. HTML/Javascript user interface to define calendar events is part of the overall application.


vii. Questions

Is the scope good enough and technically demanding? Are the functionality rich enough for a good project?