Sections take place in Maxwell Dworkin G135 on occasional Mondays from 9:35 P.M. ET until 10:35 P.M. ET.

Sections provide students with opportunities to review and discuss course materials in a more intimate environment. Moreover, sections often supplement lecture material with additional examples and implementation details as well as provide further guidance for projects.

Sections are recorded in audio format, and any resources used therein are available along with the schedule below; if you attend, it is expected that you arrive having already begun the relevant project.

Section 1: Project 1
Monday, 24 September 2007
Notes: html
Tips for Eclipse: html
Section 3: Project 2
Wednesday, 21 February 2007
Audio1: mp3
Audio2: mp3
Notes: html
Section 6: Project 3
Thursday, 22 November 2007
Audio: mp3
Notes: html
Section 8: Project 4
Saturday, 8 December 2007
Audio: mp3
Notes: html
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