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Taking Liberties with the Author

2010 Conference

Edited by Meredith L. McGill

The Work of Genre

2009 Conference

Edited by Robyn Warhol

On Periodization

2008 Conference

Edited by Virginia Jackson

Polemic: Critical or Uncritical

2002 Conference

Edited by Jane Gallop
Routledge 2004

Compassion: The Culture and Politics of an Emotion

2000 Conference

Edited by Lauren Berlant
Routledge 2004

Time and the Literary

1999 Conference

Edited by Karen Newman, Jay Clayton, and Marianne Hirsch
Routledge 2002

Cosmopolitan Geographies

1998 Conference

Edited by Vinay Dharwadker
Routledge 2000

What's Left of Theory?

1997 Conference

Edited by Judith Butler, John Guillory, and Kendall Thomas
Routledge 2000

Language Machines
1995 Conference

Edited by Jeffrey Masten, Peter Stallybrass and Nancy Vickers
Routledge 1997

Human, All Too Human
1994 Conference

Edited by Diana Fuss
Routledge 1996

Performativity and Performance

1993 Conference

Edited by Andrew Parker and Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick
Routledge 1995

Borders, Boundaries, and Frames

1992 Conference

Edited by Mae Henderson
Routledge 1994

English Inside and Out

1991 Conference

Edited by Susan Gubar and Jonathan Kamholtz
Routledge 1993

Comparative American Identities

1990 Conference

(out of print)

Edited by Hortense J. Spillers
Routledge 1992
Consequences of Theory
(New Series, no. 14)

1989 Conference

Edited by Jonathan Arac and Barbara Johnson

Contributors: Bruce Robbins, Cornel West, Nancy Fraser, Anthony Appiah, Lynn Hunt, Donald Pease, Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak, Patricia Williams.

Johns Hopkins University Press 1991
Slavery and the Literary

(New Series, no. 13)

1988 Conference

Edited by Deborah E. McDowell and Arnold Rampersad

Contributors: James Olney, Hortense J. Spillers, William L. Andrews, Carolyn L. Karcher, Arnold Rampersad, Hazel V. Carby, Deborah E. McDowell.

Johns Hopkins University Press 1991
Literature and the Body: Essays on Populations and Persons
(New Series, no. 12)

1987 Conference

Edited by Elaine Scarry

Contributors: Mieke Bal, Christopher Ricks, Elaine Scarry, Francis Ferguson, Jerome Christensen, Carroll Smith-Rosenberg, Walter Benn Michaels.

Johns Hopkins University Press 1988
Cannibals, Witches and Divorce: Estranging the Renaissance
(New Series, no. 11)

1986 Conference

Edited by Marjorie Garber

Contributors: John Hollander, Patricia Parker, Stephen Orgel, Steven Mullaney, Janet Adelman, Marjorie Garber, Mary Nyquist.

Johns Hopkins University Press 1987
Sex, Politics, and Science in the Nineteenth-Century Novel
(New Series, no. 10)

1985 Conference

(out of print)

Edited by Ruth Bernard Yeazel

Contributors: D.A. Miller, Catherine Gallagher, Gillian Beer, Elaine Showalter, Mark Seltzer, Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick.

Johns Hopkins University Press 1986
The American Renaissance Reconsidered
(New Series, no. 9)

1984 Conference

Edited by Walter Benn Michaels and Donald E. Pease

Contributors: Eric J. Sundquist, Jane P. Tompkins, Louis A. Renza, Jonathan Arac, Donald E. Pease, Walter Benn Michaels, Allen Grossman.

Johns Hopkins University Press 1985
Roman Images
(New Series, no. 8)
1983 Conference

(out of print)

Edited by Annabel Patterson

Contributors: W.R. Johnson, Margaret W. Ferguson, Robert S. Miola, Patricia B. Craddock, Jerome J. McGann, William L. Vance, Elizabeth Block, Annabel Patterson

Johns Hopkins University Press 1984
The Representation of Women in Fiction
(New Series, no. 7)

1982 Conference

(out of print)

Edited by Carolyn G. Heilbrun and Margaret R. Higonnet

Contributors: Elizabeth Ermarth, Susan Gubar, Jane Marcus, J. Hillis Miller, Nancy K. Miller, Mary Poovey

Johns Hopkins University Press 1983
Representing Kenneth Burke
(New Series, no. 6)

1981 Conference

(out of print)

Edited by Hayden White and Margaret Brose

Contributors: William Rueckert, Donald J. Jennerman, John Freccero, Fredric R. Jameson, William Wasserstrom, Frank Letricchia, Angus Fletcher.

Johns Hopkins University Press 1982
Allegory and Representation
(New Series, no. 5)

1980 Conference

(out of print)

Edited by Stephen J. Greenblatt

Johns Hopkins University Press 1981
English Literature: Opening Up the Canon, (New Series, no. 4)
1979 Conference

(out of print)

Edited by Leslie A. Fiedler and Houston A. Baker, Jr.

Contributors: Houston A. Baker, Jr., Dennis Brutus, Edward Kamau Brathwaite, Leslie Marmon Silko, Leslie A. Fiedler, H. Bruce Franklin, Diana Hume George, George Stade.

Johns Hopkins University Press 1981
Literature and Society
(New Series, no. 3)

1978 Conference

(out of print)

Edited by Edward W. Said.

Johns Hopkins University Press 1980
Psychoanalysis and the Question
of the Text

(New Series, no. 2)

1977 Conference

(out of print)

Edited by Geoffrey H. Hartman

Contributors: Murray M. Schwartz, Norman H. Holland, Cary Nelson, Neil Hertz, Geoffrey H. Hartman, Jacques Derrida, Barbara Johnson.

Johns Hopkins University Press 1978
Two Renaissance Mythmakers: Christopher Marlowe and Ben Jonson, (New Series, no. 1)
1976 Conference

(out of print)

Edited by Alvin Kernan

Contributors: Marjorie Garber, Michael Goldman, Stephen J. Greenblatt, Edward A. Snow, Gabrielle Bernhard Jackson, Ian Donaldson, Richard C. Newton.
Johns Hopkins University Press 1977
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