Exposé, the annual journal published by the Harvard College Writing Program, features a cross section of writing from the Harvard community. We seek to cull work from first-year students and professors, from General Education classes and advanced concentration tutorials, from science coursework and creative writing workshops. Our new online format allows us to create exciting interactive environments where we get to expose the inner mechanisms that make each kind of writing work.

Publishize JS

The current issue of Exposé is being powered by Publishize JS, a digital typography and annotation framework created by Jeff Nguyen. Publishize originated out of the pedagogical need of teaching students good writing habits, bringing the results beyond the classroom in an engaging and interactive format. For its developer, a graduate student in English, it became too an investigation into the available means for sustaining the pastime of deep reading and into the problems encountered when adapting the conventions of static print (especially of the academic variety) to an elastic medium. Scores of websites on design, typography, and the digital humanities (including this one, this one, this one, and this one) guided the fabrication of Exposé. In the next iteration, the developer hopes to tighten the code and extend beyond prose to accommodate less circulable footprints from medieval manuscripts to experimental poetry. The developer continues to seek open source solutions to the problems of pagination and line numbering–matters of especial importance to literary scholars–while striving to meet the highest standards of accessibility and text-encoding initiatives. For more information, visit the developer's forthcoming blog at acatechnic.wordpress.com.


This project came together in less than two months and would not be possible without the collaboration among editors, instructors, students, and technical staff. I would like to thank the Academic Technology Group at Harvard University for funding this project. Special thanks go to Tony Killian, Phil Desenne, Annie Rota, and Daniel Jamous for technical support and advice; Zachary Sifuentes and Joaquin Terrones of the Harvard College Writing Program for pitching the project; and last but not least, Jascha Smilack, my workhorse, for suggesting the lightbox interface and providing most of the muscle encoding the student essays featured here. Publishize JS is based on the JQuery libraries and would not be possible without open source geniuses like this guy and these guys, who have made programming a tiny bit easier on the brain and the eyes.

Jeff Nguyen
Digital Editor and Webmaster (2010–11)


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Known Issues
(as of 9.6.2010)

  • Limited support for draggable lightboxes. Annotations boxes with text are fine, but cursor sticks with video; right click to disengage.
  • Rounded corners do not appear in IE.