Michael McCormick is Professor of History.

Kenneth Carpenter is Editor of the Harvard Library Bulletin.

Eckehard Simon is Professor of Germanic Philology and incoming chair of the Department of Germanic Languages and Literatures.

John R. Stilgoe is Robert and Lois Orchard Professor of the History of Landscape Development.

Richard F. Thomas is Professor of Greek and Latin.

Jan M. Ziolkowski is Professor of Medieval Latin and Comparative Literature.

T. N. Bisson is Henry Charles Lea Professor of Medieval History.

Leo Damrosch is Ernest Bernbaum Professor of Literature, and Chair of the Department of English and American Literature.

James Engell is Professor of English and Comparative Literature.

Owen Gingerich is Professor of Astronomy and the History of Science.

Richard Marius is Senior Lecturer on English.

Dudley Herschbach is Baird Professor of Science.

Francisco Márquez is Arthur Kingsley Porter Professor of Romance Languages and Literatures.

Michael McCormick Eckehard Simon John R. Stilgoe Richard F. Thomas Jan M. Ziolkowski T. N. Bisson
Leo Damrosch James Engell Owen Gingerich Richard Marius Dudley Herschbach Francisco Márquez