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  Foundational Questions in Evolutionary Biology
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Irene Chen University of California Santa Barbara
Sarah Coakley University of Cambridge
David Haig Harvard University
Edward "Ned" Hall Harvard University
Marc Kirschner Harvard Medical School
Barnaby Marsh John Templeton Foundation
Martin Nowak Harvard University
Naomi Pierce Harvard University
Jeffrey Schloss Westmont College
GŁnter Wagner

Yale University

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Benjamin Allen

A general axiomatic approach for understanding the evolution of social traits in structured populations. Martin Nowak (PED)
Rowan Barrett

Selection on genes in the wild: Understanding the genetics of adaptation. Hopi Hoekstra (OEB)
Peter Blake

The development and evolution of cooperation. Martin Nowak (PED)
José Jiménez

The emergence of complexity and function during the prebiotic world. Irene Chen (CSB)
Sarah Kocher Ayroles

Why cooperate? The genetics and ecology underlying what keeps societies from falling apart. Naomi Pierce (OEB)
Michael Manapat

Mechanisms for the evolution of biological and social complexity. Michael Brenner (SEAS)
Jean-Baptiste Michel

Foundational questions in cultural evolution. Steven Pinker (Psychology)
Gabriel Miller

Emergent properties and the evolution of cooperative communication. Naomi Pierce (OEB)
Thomas Pfeiffer

The evolutionary dynamics of scientific knowledge. Yiling Chen (SEAS)
David Rand
Intuition, reason and the foundations of human cooperation: Are we by nature good or evil? Joshua Greene (Psychology)
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