• Field trip group photo at Jokulsarlon, Iceland, 2009
  • Field trip group photo at Geysir, Iceland, 2009
  • EPS day BBQ 2009
  • EPS day BBQ 2007
  • Hiking along waterfalls in Iceland, 2009
  • Circling the wagons against the wind, Skaftafell Iceland, 2009
  • Newfoundland field trip, 2006
  • Newfoundland fieltrip group photo, 2006
  • Waterfall hike, Iceland 2009
  • Sampling Iceland with a rock hammer, 2009
  • Skogafoss waterfall campsite, Iceland, 2009
  • hmm
  • hmm
  • EPS day BBQ 2005
  • EPS day BBQ 2005

Any number of EPS activities can leave you needing to unwind: maybe it's been a long day in the lab, or you have a headache due to the inevitable keyboard head-butting that followed your code crashing (again...), or you've spent the past day struggling to get through a 30 page paper - only to discover you still don't understand. So, come and have a beer with us on the 4th floor of Hoffman Lab. Geoclub's aim is to get the graduate (and undergraduate) students in EPS out of their offices and into conversation. (Alcohol is only available for students over the age of 21.)

During Friday afternoon beer and pizza and other geoclub events, students get a chance to unwind and get to know each other...

Geoclub consists of the students at (or affliliated with) the EPS department. Membership costs $20 a year, $10 a semester. Beers are $1.50.

Geoclub is generously supported by the Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences

Dept. of Earth and Planetary Sciences / Harvard University / 20 Oxford Street / Cambridge / MA 02138 / U.S.A. /
Telephone: +1 617 384 8398 / Fax: +1 617 495 7660 / E-mail: geoclub [at] fas [dot] harvard [dot] edu