The grad student/postdoc seminar is an informal seminar series whose primary purpose is to give EPS graduate students and postdocs an opportunity to practice givine an extended research talk. The seminars take place on Thursdays at 12pm-1pm in the Faculty Lounge with lunch provided, and are open to the whole community.

-------- Fall 2013 --------
Note: schedule and speakers are subject to change

October 10
Kristian Bergen, Justin Strauss, Helen Amos, Erik Chan, and Sierra Petersen
Does every outcrop have a castle on it??? The EPS 2013 graduate student field trip to the Pyrenees

October 17
Kasey Aderhold (Boston University)
Seismic Slip of Oceanic Strike-Slip Earthquakes

October 24
John Platt
Micron-scale strain localization driven by thermal weakening mechanisms active during seismic shear

October 31
Lizzie Day (MIT)
Small scale variations throughout the deep Earth

November 7
Kristin Bergmann
Dynamics of the Ediacaran carbon cycle: Insights from the Sultanate of Oman

November 14
Roderick Bovee
Resolving Organic Burial in a Stratified Lake using Biomarkers

November 21
Yinqi Li
The Early Permian Tarim Large Igenous Province in NW China

December 5
AGU practice talks