1950s China-India Chronology


This chronology was constructed using information from the following sources:

  1. Newspapers:
    1. Renmin ribao (The People’s Daily) 人民日報
    2. Guangming ribao 光明日報
    3. The Times of India

    The newspaper searches were conducted using the India-China Friendship Association (ICFA; 印中友好協會) and the China-India Friendship Association (CIFA; 中印友好協會) as principal key words.

  2. Contemporary Scholarship:
    To the newspaper results, we added information contained in contemporary secondary scholarship that focused on Sino-Indian encounters. Two prominent examples of such scholarship are:
    1. Margaret W. Fisher and Joan V. Bondurant. 1956. “Review Article: The Impact of Communist China on Visitors from India.” Far Eastern Quarterly 15(2):249–65.
    2. Herbert Passin. 1961. “Sino-Indian Cultural Relations.” China Quarterly 7:85–100.

  3. Archives and Library Collections:
    Finally, we added information collected from a range of archives and libraries over the course the past several years. These include:


This is a call for further research on the China-India relations in the 1950s, so we welcome contibutions! If there is a specific event, or instance of collaboration between China and India that is not currently featured in the timeline, fill out this form! We'll be sure to review and add it to the chronology.

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