Institutions, Credit and the State

The History Project, in cooperation with the History Department and the European Studies Council at Yale University, and the Joint Center for History and Economics at Harvard University, held its third conference on October 17-18, 2014 at the MacMillan Center at Yale University. The conference was concerned with institutions and the state, especially in relation to public and private credit.

The History Project is supported by the Institute for New Economic Thinking, with the object of encouraging a new generation of historians of the economy and economic life. The conference was able to contribute to travel and accommodation costs, and a small number of research grants was available through the History Project; see Additional support for the conference was provided by the Yale Program on Economic History and the Councils on South Asian and East Asian Studies.


Naomi Lamoreaux, Adam Tooze,  Francesca Trivellato, Sunil Amrith and Emma Rothschild