Speculation and Profiteering: What is Economic about the Economy?
Debjani Bhattacharyya (Drexel University)

Gender, Credit, and the Institution of the Notariate in Medieval Barcelona
Sarah Ifft Decker (Yale University)

Princes, Prelates, and the Problem of Moneylending in Late Thirteenth-Century Western Europe
Rowan Dorin (Harvard University)

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Margarita Fajardo (Princeton University)

Packaging Industrialization and Selling It: State-Guaranteed Export Financing and Industrial Exporters in Britain, Germany and the U.S.,1920-1940
Ted Fertik (Yale University)

Statement & Account Clause
Katherine Harris (Yale Law School)

Debt and the Mandate: Central Banking and Consumer Credit in French Syria-Lebanon
Simon Jackson (University of Birmingham)

Another Type of Rationality: the Principle of Land Taxation of the Korean Empire
Sora Kim (Seoul National University, Korea)

And He Showed Us the Abyss that had Opened Beneath his Feet: The Paris Stockbrokers, Liability, and Corporatism in Restoration France
Tyson Leuchter (University of Chicago)

The Tel Aviv Stock-Exchange and the creation of a Jewish Home in Palestine 1936-39
Nathan Marcus (National Research University - Higher School for Economics)

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Natacha Postel-Vinay (London School of Economics)

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Casey Primel (Columbia University)

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