Branden Adams
Coal in California: Industrial Energy on the West Coast of America, 1850-1900

Kayt Button
Mapping the Local Response to the National Strategy: How the British Electrical Grid was Built and Developed

Casey Cater
"The True Regulative Force": Race, Class, Hydroelectricity, and Regulation in Progressive-Era Georgia

Rohit Chandra
Evolving State Capitalism: The Indian Coal Industry

Guillemette Crouzet
"The Land they lost…" Oil exploitation in Persia and its environmental impact on the Bakhtiyari lands at the beginning of the 20th century

Bathsheba Demuth
The Energy of Borders: Ecology, Walrus Hunting, and Sovereignty at the Bering Straits

Hanza Diman
"Wood for the kitchen": towards a history of the supply and use of fuelwood in urban households of West Africa: The case of Lomé (from 1884 to the present)

Mary Draper
"To be recovered out of the Sea": Creating Urban Land in Port Royal, Jamaica, 1655-1722

Leif Fredrickson
The Age of Lead: Suburbanization, Environmental Health, and Urban Underdevelopment

Jonathan Hill, Jr.
Electric Revolution: Energy, Environment, and the State in Early Twentieth-Century Mexico

Sofia Henriques
Historical transitions in energy services: Lisbon from 1850 to the Present

David Lamoureux
Powering Urban Development: Public Electricity Supply in Lagos from Independence to the Present

Shi-Lin Loh
Exposed Bodies, Experimental Rays: Radiation in Japan before Hiroshima and Nagasaki

Marta Musso
Oil will set us free: decolonisation processes and nationalisation in the Algerian oil industry (1956-1971)

Justin McBrien
To Move Heaven and Earth: Nuclear Explosions, "Inadvertent Weather Modification," and Cold War Geoengineering Schemes, 1945-1980

Victor McFarland
When Fracking Went Nuclear: Projects Gasbuggy, Rulison, and Rio Blanco

Aditya Ramesh
Planning the "Economy": Development and Hydroelectricity in Colonial South India

Victor Seow
Running On and Out of Alternatives: The Charcoal-Powered Automobile in Transwar China

Matthew Sohm
The  Toxic  Cloud  of  Seveso:  Environmental  Anxieties  in  1970s  Italy

Stefan Tetzlaff
Energy Markets as Social Spaces: Companies, Consumers and the Creation of a Kerosene Oil Market in South Asia, c. 1880-1940

Rebecca Wright
Constructing Energy Futures: Confronting Time During the 1946 "Fuel and the Future" Conference

Yongle Xue
Conquest or Compromise? Dealing with Nature along the Sino-Indian Road and Pipeline in World War II