National Energy Accounts: Acknowledgements

The original data series on this site were prepared within the group Long-term, Energy, Growth (LEG) during the years 2003-2010. Some of these series have been subject to subsequent amendment and the sample has been added to with the generous assistance of others.

The authors or providers of the following series are:

Sweden:  Astrid Kander
The Netherlands:  Ben Gales
England and Wales:  Paul Warde 
Germany:  Paul Warde and Ben Gales
France:  Ben Gales
Italy:  Paolo Malanima and Silvana Bartoletto
Spain:  Mar Rubio
Portugal:  Sofia Henriques
Czech lands: Hana Nielsen
Canada: Richard Unger and John Thistle
Uruguay: Emiliano Travieso

We would like to thank the authors to have generously allowed us to use their series. We thank, in particular Sofia Henriques for her careful checking and revision of the series and linking them with the International Energy Agency database from 1960.

Paul Warde