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Prize Research Grants


The Centre will award a small number of Prize Research Grants in 2015-2018 in connection with the Cambridge/Harvard research programme on Exchanges of Economic, Legal and Political Ideas. The grants, which will not exceed £600/$1000, are intended to provide support for research-related expenses for predoctoral students enrolled in a graduate course who wish to visit the University of Cambridge or Harvard University, and whose interests fall within the broad area of the programme, which is described at Programme Objectives. The grants can be used to cover travel, accommodation or other research expenses incurred in visiting Cambridge or Harvard. The Joint Centre/Center for History and Economics will make its facilities available to recipients of the grants, but is unable to assist in visa and travel arrangements. Grant applications will be considered in June and December of each year, and applicants should ensure that their applications, including letters of references, are received by June 1 or December 1. Applications for grants in connection with visits to both Cambridge and Harvard should be sent in the first instance to the Centre for History and Economics in Cambridge, England. We accept applications and references sent by email. For further information, please contact the Centre for History and Economics, Magdalene College, Cambridge CB3 0AG or email ihm22@cam.ac.uk.

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