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Cold War After Stalin's Death: A Missed Opportunity for Peace?
edited by Klaus Larres and Kenneth Osgood.

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Klaus Larres and Kenneth Osgood

Introduction: International Politics in the Early Post-Stalin Era: A Lost Opportunity, a Turning Point, or More of the Same?
Mark Kramer

Part I: The Soviet Union and the United States after Stalin

1. The Elusive Detente: Stalin's Successors and the West
Vojtech Mastny

2. The Perils of Coexistence: Peace and Propaganda in Eisenhower's Foreign Policy
Kenneth Osgood

3. A Missed Chance for Peace? Opportunities for Détente in Europe
Jerald A. Combs

4. Poisoned Apples: John Foster Dulles and the "Peace Offensive"
Lloyd Gardner

Part II: The Peace Offensives in Cultural Context

5. Meanings of Peace: The Rhetorical Cold War after Stalin
Ira Chernus

6. Stalin's Ghost: Cold War Culture and U.S.-Soviet Relations
Jeffrey Brooks

Part III: Fragile Coalitions, East and West

7. The Road to Geneva 1955: Churchill's Summit Diplomacy and Anglo-American Tension after Stalin's Death
Klaus Larres

8. Alliance Politics after Stalin's Death: Franco-American Conflict in Europe and in Asia
Kathryn C. Statler

9. Coexistence and Confrontation: Sino-Soviet Relations after Stalin
Qiang Zhai

10. The New Course: Soviet Policy toward Germany and the Uprising in the GDR
Hope M. Harrison

Part IV: Assessing Peaceful Coexistence

11. Cold War, Détente, and the 1956 Hungarian Revolution
Csaba Békés

12. The Robust Assertion of Austrianism: Peaceful Coexistence in Austria after Stalin's Death
Günter Bishof

13. The Lure of Neutrality: Finland and the Cold War
Jussi M. Hanhimaki

14. Treacherous Ground: Soviet-Japanese Relations and the United States
Tsuyoshi Hasegawa

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