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At the Dawn of the Cold War: The Soviet-American Crisis over Iranian Azerbaijan, 1941-1946
by Jamil Hasanli

Now available from Rowman & Littlefield.

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The Penetration of the Soviet Troops into Iran and the Strengthening of the Soviet Position in Iranian Azerbaijan

The Intensification of Soviet Policy in Iranian Azerbaijan

The Struggle for Oil and the Government Crisis in Tehran

End of War in Europe: Decisions of Moscow and Iranian Azerbaijan

Creation of the Democratic Party and the Idea of Autonomy

Decision of the Popular Congress of Azerbaijan

Establishment of the National Government of Iranian Azerbaijan

The Situation in Iranian Azerbaijan and the Moscow Meeting of Foreign Ministers

The National Government of Iranian Azerbaijan: Between Autonomy and Independence

January 1946: Beginning Reforms in Tabriz

February 1946: Qavam As-Saltanah's Moscow Visit

The Starting Point of the Cold War: Iranian Azerbaijan, March 1946

The Withdrawal from Iranian Azerbaijan and The Oil Policy of the Soviets

The Starting of Negotiations between the Central Government and Azerbaijan

The Strengthening of the US Influence in Iran

The Failure of Stalin's Policy in Iranian Azerbaijan
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