Cold War Studies at Harvard University



The Eisenhower Administration, the Third World, and the Globalization of the Cold War

edited by Kathryn C. Statler and Andrew L. Johns

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Andrew L. Johns

Introduction: Thinking Globally and Acting Locally
Chester J. Pach, Jr.

Instruments of a Global Policy: Propaganda, Covert Operations, and Aid

Words and Deeds: Race, Colonialism, and Eisenhower's Propaganda War in the Third World
Kenneth A. Osgood

The Central Intelligence Agency and the Face of Decolonization under the Eisenhower Administration
John Prados

The Most Important Single Aspect of Our Foreign Policy? The Eisenhower Administration, Foreign Aid, and the Developing World
Michael R. Adamson

Globalizing the Cold War: Asia after Korea

The Point of No Return: The Eisenhower Administration and Indonesia, 1953-1960
Robert J. McMahon

Building a Colony: South Vietnam and the Eisenhower Administration, 1953-1961
Kathryn C. Statler

Militant Diplomacy: The Taiwan Strait Crises and Sino-American Relations, 1954-1958
Yi Sun

Globalization Continues: Bandung, Africa, and Latin America

Small Victory, Missed Chance: The Eisenhower Administration, the Bandung Conference, and the Turning of the Cold War
Jason C. Parker

A Torrent Overrunning Everything: Africa and the Eisenhower Administration
James H. Meriwether

Persistent Condor and Predatory Eagle: The Bolivian Revolution and the United States
James F. Siekmeier

The Globalized Cold War in the Middle East

The United States and Israel in the Eisenhower Era: The Special Relationship Revisited
Peter L. Hahn

Middle East Cold Wars: Oil and Arab Nationalism in U.S.-Iraqi Relations, 1958-1961
Nathan J. Citino

Conclusion: The Devil is in the Details: Eisenhower, Dulles and the Third World
David L. Anderson

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