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The Struggle for the Soul of the Nation: Czech Culture and the Rise of Communism
by Bradley F. Abrams

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Introduction: The Cold War and Contemporary Understandings of the Communist Takeover of Czechoslovakia

Part I: Czech Intellectuals Enter the Postwar World

World War II and the East European Revolution

Intellectuals in the Czech Environment

Four Groups of Czech Intellectuals

Part II: The Interpretation and Reinterpretation of Czech History and the Reorientation of the Czech Nation

The Communist Aim: The Creation of a New Czechoslovakia

The Battle Over the Recent Past I: The Experiences of Munich and World War II

The Battle Over the Recent Past II: The First Republic and Tomá G. Masaryk

The Shift in Sensibilities and Generations: May 5, 1945 Versus October 28, 1918

The Reorientation of National Identity: Czechs Between East and West

Part III: The Meaning of Socialism

Socialism and Communist Intellectuals: The "Czechoslovak Road to Socialism"

Socialism and Democratic Socialist Intellectuals: The "New Socialist Ethos"

Socialism and Roman Catholic Intellectuals: The "Fateful Struggle between Spirit and Matter"

Socialism and Protestant Intellectuals: The "Kingdom of God on Earth"?

Conclusion: The End of Czechoslovak


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