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Redrawing Nations: Ethnic Cleansing in East-Central Europe, 1944-1948
edited by Philip Ther and Ana Siljak.

Now available from Rowman & Littlefield.

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After World War II, 12 million Germans, 3 million Poles and Ukrainians, and tens of thousands of Hungarians were expelled from their homes and forced to migrate to their supposed countries of origin. This work gives an account of the turmoil caused by the migration during the nascent Cold War.



Mark Kramer

1. A Century of Forced Migration: The Origins and Consequences of "Ethnic Cleansing"
Philipp Ther

Part I: Creating a Polish Nation-State

2. Forced Migration and the Transformation of Polish Society in the Postwar Period
Krystyna Kersten

3. "Cleansing" Poland of Germans: The Province of Pomerania, 1945-1949
Stanislaw Jankowiak

4. Who Is a Pole, and Who Is a German? The Province of Olsztyn in 1945
Claudia Kraft

5. "De-Germanization" and "Re-Polonization" in Upper Silesia, 1945-1950
Bernard Linek

6. Gathering Poles into Poland: Forced Migration from Poland's Former Eastern Territories
Jerzy Kochanowski

7. Expulsion, Resettlement, Civil Strife: The Fate of Poland's Ukranians, 1944-1947
Orest Subtelny

8. Overcoming Ukranian Resistance: The Deportation of Ukranians within Poland in 1947
Marek Jasiak

Part II: Retribution and Expulsion in Czechoslovakia

9. The Mechanics of Ethnic Cleansing: The Expulsion of Germans from Czechoslovakia, 1945-1947
Eagle Glassheim

10. To prosecute or to Expel? Czechoslovak Retribution and the "Transfer" of Sudeten Germans
Benjamin Frommer

11. The Social and Economic Consequences of Resettling Czechs into Northwestern Bohemia, 1945-1947
Zdenek Radvanovsky

Part III: German Refugees and the New German States

12. Compelling the Assimilation of Expellees in the Soviet Zone of Occupation and the GDR
Manfred Wille

13. Social Conflict and Social Transformation in the Integration of Expelees into Rural Brandenburg, 1945-1952
Arnd Bauerkamper

14. The German refugees and Expellees from the East and the Creation ofa Western German identity after World War II
Ranier Schulze

Conclusion: Ana Siljak

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